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The Saut Hermès: The Magic of Parisian Grand Sports Competitions

Categories : Events, published on : 2/5/24

As the capital of culture, contemporary art, fashion, gastronomy, and lovers, Paris is also, often forgotten, a prominent hub for sports. In 2024, the Olympic Games will set the city ablaze for a thrilling fifteen days. However, the Paris Games should not overshadow other annual competitions like the Saut Hermès. Indeed, from March 15 to 17, the crème de la crème of showjumpers will gather under the elegant structure of the Grand Palais Éphémère to compete in what will undoubtedly be a true rehearsal for the Olympic events. Enjoy your stay in Paris at the Ouest Hôtel to cheer on the riders and their horses.


The Saut Hermès: Practical Information

Over three days, the Saut Hermès hosts a series of competitions, each more challenging than the last. At the CSI5* level, they represent the highest difficulty in the global circuit. Each prize has different characteristics, such as time, obstacle height, etc., and some are reserved for young riders, allowing them to experience the highest level of competition. Finally, on Sunday, the two main events will take place: the Prix de la Ville de Paris in the morning and the Grand Prix Hermès to conclude the competition in style later in the day. You can now book your tickets online on the Saut Hermès website. They provide access to the site for the entire day, except on Saturday, where you can choose a ticket for the day events or the evening session. Finally, there is a weekend package that allows you access to the entire event.


The Beauty of Equestrianism

While showjumping events are at the heart of the competition, there are numerous activities that appeal to both enthusiasts of the sport and newcomers discovering it on this occasion. These take various forms: equestrian shows, demonstrations of working with horses, and public training sessions. You will never be bored at any moment! The multidisciplinary approach finally allows you to appreciate the diversity of the equestrian world: from competition to aesthetics, from mastery to the bond with the animal, from physical commitment to the natural elegance of the rider/horse duo. Of course, your entry allows you access to both these activities and the competitions. You can now check the schedule available online on the Saut Hermès website. It will be an ideal opportunity to familiarize yourself with this discipline before the Olympic Games!


Make the most of your stay at the Ouest Hôtel to witness a competition that combines Parisian elegance with sporting commitment: the Saut Hermès. Set in the exceptional setting of the Grand Palais Éphémère, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, it offers a perfect preview of what the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will be next summer.



Saut Hermès

Photo: Vladimir Polikarpov


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