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Enjoy a traditional Galette des Rois

Categories : Flavours and Gastronomy, published on : 12/9/17

After Christmas, another tradition is particularly enjoyed in Paris and throughout France: the Galette des Rois (King Cake). Originally shared in celebration of the Epiphany, this cake is as much appreciated by the French for the tradition that surrounds it as for its unique and delicate taste.


A tradition that is timeless ... and delicious


Children look forward to the Galette des Rois in early January as much for the fun of finding the bean hidden inside as for the taste. Whoever finds it is designated king, with all the attendant privileges. But adults also have a great reason to love this tradition deeply rooted in French culture as the delicacy and subtlety of this cake make it a very popular dish, especially as the period during which it is offered is short; three weeks at most.


Delight your friends with this Galette des Rois recipe


The Ouest Hotel suggests you try to make your own Galette with this timeless and authentic recipe. To serve 8 people, you need 250g of flour, 125g of water, 170g of dry butter and 3g of salt. For the almond cream, often replaced by frangipane in commercial baking, you should use 100g of sugar, 100g of almond powder, 100g of butter, 2 whole eggs and, for the more daring, a little tot of rum.


Make a puff pastry and leave it in a cool place. Then make your almond cream filling according to a good recipe.

Roll out your dough and cut it into two discs of slightly different diameters.

Brush a glaze onto the larger disc and, using a pastry bag, pipe the almond cream into the centre of the smaller disc. Be careful you don’t forget to include the bean in the filling!

Then place the largest disc of puff pastry on top and pierce it in the centre with a sharp knife.

To ensure that the cream does not ooze between the edges, solder the two discs together with a circle of pastry.

Obliquely incise the edges of the dough with the tip of a knife to create a fluted effect.

With the same knife, mark the top of the pastry from the centre to the edges with a zig-zag pattern.

Before baking, let the uncooked cake rest for a little while in a cool place. Finally, preheat your oven to 200 ° C and bake for 10 minutes on a baking dish that you have taken care beforehand to cover with parchment paper. Then reduce the temperature to about 165 ° C and cook for another 25 minutes. Once cooked, take the Galette from the oven and let it cool before serving with cider, fruit juice or perhaps even Champagne, and savour your moment of joyous accomplishment and friendly sharing. This homemade Galette des Rois is sure to impress and delight your guests. Bon appetit!